Javier Rubio

It is an honour and a privilege to be Fundación Daniela’s President. I am aware of the need of putting together teams that combine well-coordinated professionals trained in different specialties. My job involves a spirit of devotion and dedication to others, thus making it impossible to deny this reality. I begin this project full of enthusiasm and strength to overcome tough challenges in the hope that we will be able to open hearts and minds.

África Pastor Espuch

My goal is to help create a better world. Frequently, the lack of information leads to situations of rejection and discrimination where children end up suffering as a result. I am tired of seeing how society puts its interests before those of a child. But it’s not only one child… it is humanity as a whole. I declare myself a devoted activist for Human rights, especially for the trans cause. Loving the T*

Iciar Aragón

She is one of the founders of the agency Crepes and Texas. Thanks to Fundación Daniela, I have come across a reality that was totally unknown to me over a year ago. I am an advocate for the children and the freedom of expression. There is still so much to learn and teach society! I believe it is vital to inform transgender children so that they can freely express who they really are, and know that no one can tell them otherwise.